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JKF- 07 Tire Wheel Papad

Ingredients :

Main Ingredients of  our products are Wheat flour (Maida), Tapioca Starch & Iodized salt

Frying Specification :

The product is required to be fried at a temperature of 180-190 degree Celsius in any Vegetable edible oil with a ratio of 1:4 (i.e. for one KG of raw pellets 250g of vegetable oil will be required) for about 10 seconds approximately.

Shelf Life :

Our product in raw form is suitable for 12 months from date of manufacturing.

Packing Specification :

Standard Packing: 20KG Bag packing Export Packing: As required (10KG Box or 20KG Bag) Or as per customer Specification.

Price :

Subject to order.

Design No. JKF - 07
Taste Crispy  salty taste
Color Golden Yellow
Moisture 8% to 11% Approx.
Packing Material H. D. P. E. bag with
food grade plastic lamination.
Packing weight 20 KG (Per bag)

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